April 2016 rTribe Update

April 2016 rTribe Update

Hello Tribers!

I love taking time to reflect. It wasn’t always that way. But since I started being honest about my secrets and problems I have learned the value of reflecting many different things: On my year at the end of every year. On my day, on how I feel in the moment. On how I am showing up in my relationships.

We value reflection and awareness here at rTribe. How else can you know if you are doing unless you slow down, take time to be silent, and check in with yourself and your friends?

Let’s take some time to reflect on how we are doing as a community at rTribe.

March Highlights

We’ve had 6,260 people download rTribe.

Android is 3 months old, iOS turned 5 months old

We attended and helped sponsor the Set Free Global Summit on Internet Pornography

We released:

  • “Premium Features” for Android
    • Set your privacy level
    • Track your stats on the Progress screen
  • Check-in Journal & Urge Level
  • And Feed Improvements

Chat bugs

A quick update that we are aware of two different bugs that are affecting chat messaging:

  1. One appears for Android-only, and basically, for some people, intermittently makes chat messages not be sent or received. This is something we are definitely working on. A short-term fix that works at times is logging out and then logging back in. Go to settings to log out.
  2. The second bug (connected at times to the first bug) is that when people log out and log back in, their message history is not updated. Only unread messages are updated. This shouldn’t affect you if you just close the app, only if you log out and then log in.

We are aware of and working on these issues but wanted to acknowledge them!

Doubling our Downloads

As of today we have more than doubled our number of downloads of rTribe since February 1st!

Are you grateful that the word is getting out about rTribe? We definitely are! It is exciting to know that more people are being connected and supported on their journey.

Our mission is to revolutionize recovery: Now the same device you might have used to act out online can be used to help you grow and stay connected in recovery. For too long pornography and sex addiction has been misunderstood. For too long it has not been talked about. Help us change that and spread the word about rTribe!

Premium Philosophy

Just to be clear, rTribe is a free app to download and use. We want to make recovery affordable and accessible to everyone who has a smartphone. We do however, need to eventually make money as a business so that we can continue to develop new cool features and revolutionize recovery.

So while we do have some premium features, the bulk of rTribe is free. You also get the first month as a free trial of the premium features so you can see how you like them.

I have received emails from some people criticizing us for charging for premium features and devaluing what we have built. And you know what I think? That’s okay!  We firmly believe the free components of the app are the keys to successful recovery, while the premium components enhance the experience.

You may not value the premium features of sending a guide weekly email updates, setting your friend privacy level, and viewing advanced progress statistics. We think paying $5.99 a month to improve your sobriety tracking and increase your connection to your recovery community is worth it. If it feels like it’s highway robbery, I’m not going to argue with you about it. It is completely your choice.

We’ve set rTribe’s optional monthly subscription to be something most anyone who can afford a smartphone can afford, as opposed to professional counseling which costs $175 per HOUR here in San Jose where Alex and I live and work.

Then again, other people have emailed us saying we could charge more and that they are thrilled with what we have created.

That’s all part of being in a tribe. We are at different places and have different perspectives. We are better together.

Set Free Global Summit 2016

We had the privilege of attending and helping sponsor the Set Free Global Summit that gathered top Christian leaders in the fight against pornography. Almost 800 people attended. rTribe got a lot of love!!

One of the most interesting aspects was that the Barna Group unveiled the most detailed study ever done on the impact of pornography in the digital age.

Key stats about Americans and pornography:

  • 33% of Americans come across porn weekly or more often, even if they’re not seeking it.
  • 51% of men 13 years old or older use porn monthly or more.
  • 19% of practicing Christians indicated they are trying to stop using porn.
  • 49% of young adults say all or most of their friends use porn regularly.

Barna-study-imageTo purchase your copy of this detailed study go here. We are not an affiliate of Barna Group and don’t make money if you purchase this. We simply want to share the research on how massive of a problem that pornography is in the world today.

New Features Released

We released new features for the newest version of rTribe, v1.3. We improved the check-in process by adding a check-in journal and the ability to set the level of your urge to act out. We also improved the main feed on the home screen.

To read about our new features in more detail go here. We want to always keep improving and growing.

Investing in Growth

We have heard from from many users, recovery leaders, and therapists that they love rTribe. Some have even invested in our company. If you are interested in joining our team or becoming an investor in our company let us know at grow@rtribe.org. Growth is good because sobriety is valuable and we have seen that using rTribe daily develops positive habits which can help improve sobriety and connection to your recovery community.

Interesting Stats for Data Nerds

Going forward we’re going to try to include some “interesting” observations for those of us that like data.  We think sharing information is important to breakdown the barriers around Porn and Sex Addiction.

So our first observation:  It’s something you have access to today in Progress, but here’s When Our Tribe Acts Out.  It’s close to even (Baseline) across the week, but Monday appears to be really difficult and Thursday/Friday not as much.

DOW_Act_OutWe may not know the causation, yet, but we’d like to hear your thoughts on the data, and also about what you’d like to see in the future.  If it’s interesting to us and helpful to the tribe, we may even try to incorporate the results into your Progress/Stats page.


Stay connected,

Josh, Alex and the rTribe Team


P.S. In case you didn’t know: IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PREMIUM USERS: Your Urge to Act Out Level and your Journal will be displayed on the feed for everyone in your tribe to see. If you are using rTribe as a leader, or have people set to ‘Acquaintance”, be aware that they WILL be able to see your urge level and your journals.

We know this is not ideal for every user and we are looking for ways to improve it in the future.

An invitation to vulnerability. We invite you to consider that by sharing your journal check-ins and your urge to act out level, will serve as an example of vulnerability to your tribe. We believe that healthy vulnerability is a powerful skill. Sharing appropriately during a check-in can show your tribe the good and the challenging aspects of your experience, strength, and hope. If you want to read more about this concept, read the impactful book “Gifts of Imperfection” by Brené Brown.