Alone or Isolated? Find Friends Who Understand the Journey


You downloaded the app, you’ve been checking in and tracking your recovery.  And now you are ready to take your journey to another level by adding friends.  That is awesome!


There are lots of different ways you can find friends.


  1. Try an online or in person 12 step meeting and ask if someone is looking for an accountability partner
  2. If you use the NoFAP forum on Reddit or any other online forum, you might already have someone you trust that you could ask to be in your group.
  3. Consider going to your spiritual leader and ask them if they know other people who share your struggle and might want an accountability partner.
  4. Ask your therapist if someone else they are helping is looking for a recovery partner
  5. If someone you know has mentioned they also struggle in the same way you do, tell them about the app.  Once they have downloaded and checked it out you can ask if they might want to be an R|TRIBE friend.


Good luck!


If you have R|TRIBE friends where did you find them? We’d like to add your methods to our list to make it easier for others to find friends.