About The Recovery Tribe (rTribe)

Our Mission

To build accessible technology that facilitates human flourishing based on proven human-behavior change theory and positive psychology.

Core Vision

  • Meaningful connection and personal growth are at the center of everything we do
  • We synthesize the best that technology, science and progressive thought leadership have to offer
  • Meet the needs of people and organizations where they’re at through personalized offerings

Kern White

Kern has navigated three successful business exits, survived two start up failures, has been in people and community development work since the 90’s, and holds a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary. Kern is a serial entrepreneur and has founded multiple companies and two PE firms. Kern loves purpose driven businesses that transform communities and individuals for good. He focuses on  pursuing the right values, biz model, strategy, products/services, and optimize operations. Kern loves the outdoors, and spending quality, authentic-time with friends and family from around the world.

Brian Clayton
President, GM

Brian is an online gaming industry pioneer with over 25 years of proven experience building, operating and scaling genre-defining entertainment having garnered numerous awards for some of the world’s most popular games. He is a veracious life-long learner that challenges himself and his teams to always be striving to delight consumers beyond expectations and deepen trust leading to impassioned loyal life-long customers. His passion is serving, connecting and scaling online communities that enable meaningful connection, personal growth and fulfillment.

Russ McKendry
Director Character Transformation

Russ has extensive experience helping individuals, couples, and organizations discover their true identity and purpose in life. He holds a ThD in Biblical Counseling, certifications in Behaviors, Motivators, and Acumen sciences via target Training International, multiple certifications in coaching, and training more than forty organization and life coaches. More than mere theory, he has been able to validate his conclusions through corporate consulting, extensive work with the Colorado Department of Corrections, and founding/ directing the Denver Counseling & Coaching Center.

Kyla Koger-Krontz
Director Operations

Kyla was born & bred in the San Francisco Bay Area just outside of Silicon Valley, she has always had a strong connection to mental health and technology. As part of the original rTribe team, she enjoys constantly improving the efficiencies and effectiveness of all our systems, procedures, and practices to serve the greater good of the team, both individually and as a whole.

Currently residing in the Greater Kalamazoo area, the self-proclaimed Biophiliac is known for her love of horticulture as well as her passion for Ayurvedic Yoga when she isn’t puzzling with her two young children, or beating her husband at video game hockey.

About Four Streams Coaching™ (4SC)


Join us in believing in the dignity of every human being.

“We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” — E. E. Cummings

4SC was built on the simple belief that every person matters and has value. We strive to help our clients realize their fullest potential by partnering with them to reveal what makes them extraordinary through our transformational coaching model. Four Streams coaches work with clients to instill deep sustainable change with the combination of tools from our four streams: world-class coaching methodology, neuroscience, positive psychology, and worldview.

Core Vision

  • Reveal to each person what makes them extraordinary
  • Facilitate sustainable change through our transformational coaching model
  • Inspire daily healthy habits through our robust check-in feature including assessing challenges, successes, energy levels, emotions, and more
  • Help redeem smartphone technology that promotes healthy living and flourishing

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