A Simple Formula for Recovery Success

The other day I saw a guy working on a narrow walkway only one floor up from the ground, but he had a rope connecting him to the building.  

At first I thought “that’s a bit overkill, it’s not that dangerous” but then I watched him more and realized he was pretty smart.  

By knowing he was connected he could let go of any worry about danger.  Instead, he could really concentrate on what he needed to do.  

This man used a simple formula to keep him safe and focused on what was important.  He didn’t assume he would be safe.  He made himself safe by doing one simple thing.  

So what is the simple thing we can do in recovery that can keep us safe and focused on the right things?   


Check In


Every time you check in you are creating that secure line.  If you get a little wobbly or slip a bit, you are connected to your friends and are less likely to fall into relapse.  

Also, being connected to your friends will make it easier to stay focused on the right things.  Checking in with your friends is a simple way to remind yourself of the big picture of who you really want to be.


3 Keys to a Good Checkin

  1. Make sure to answer the daily question.

  2. Urge to Act Out: if you put medium or high make sure to elaborate why the urge is elevated.

  3. Be specific whether you are sharing something positive or if you are struggling.  The more specific you are the more your tribe will understand your life, story and struggle.

Call to Action


We ask that you show up for yourself and your friends every day.  Whether you are doing well or not doing well.   

Of course, it’s easy to check in when we are proud of our choices.  But, showing up when you are not so proud of your choices…well, that’s the tough part.  

If you are new to recovery you’ll want to check in when you are doing well and won’t want to if you have acted out.  We get it.   Some of us who have been in recovery a long time can still shy away from rigorous honesty.  

By checking in every day in the R|TRIBE app you are treating yourself with respect, the same respect you would treat anyone else with.   

Tribe On.  Stay Connected.