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rTribe helps everyone and anyone heal. Yet the most under-served and isolated communities are where we help people connect the most: people struggling with unhealthy sexuality, addiction, relationship issues, and faith-based communities.

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We believe every story is different – so you’ll get TribeMatched™ to the best professional who specializes in your struggles.

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Privately text with your TribeMatched licensed counselor or professional coach whenever you need it. Opt for video sessions if you want face-to-face support.

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Every conversation is private. Messages are encrypted on a HIPAA-compliant platform. We use bank-grade security and take your privacy seriously.

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Traveling? Too busy to slow down? Don’t wait to get help. Reach out for support wherever and whenever you need it most.

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Find Friends
The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.
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Each week your guides can receive an email of your progress.
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Check in every day to track your progress and let your friends know how you’re doing.
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Instantly alert your friends via push notifications when you need help.
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Share your struggles safely and securely.
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Track and share your progress.
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Relevant content and stories keep you on track. Essential lessons help you find freedom.
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Daily motivational messages keep you focused on recovery.
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I was skeptical of online counseling. I’ve tried counseling before without much success. I have been impressed with rTribe and so I gave it a shot. The counselor I was assigned has been awesome. Highly qualified and excellent.
I highly recommend this service to those of you struggling. I have carried this burden for over half my life. It may be especially helpful for those of you who are unable to go to a counselor or a group regularly. It is well worth giving it a try!
It has been great having someone who I can talk with daily that understands my challenges. I like having someone that I trust give me positive encouragement and advice.
If you need to quit ANYTHING, be it alcohol, porn, drugs, whatever, this is the app to get. Everyone helps everyone. It's beautiful.
This app makes the impossible possible! Have patience, be respectful, humble, loving and caring and you will be light years ahead of where you are now!
This app is fantastic! I learn things I never knew and it is 24/7 support at my fingertips that is more recovery focused than anything else I have tried! Including treatment!

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