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How It Works

No one’s road to growth looks the same. We all approach our paths uniquely and face different challenges and successes. Some may be feeling stagnant, while others may be struggling with relationships, emotional or mental health, and some may be just looking for a challenge to get healthier. No matter what phase of life you are in, Four Streams believes that all people have value, and we can all benefit from intentional encouragement on our journey.

Through the help of scientifically proven personal assessments, goal identifiers with progress tracking, and world-class coaches, Four Streams is here to provide that encouragement all within the palm of your hand. Our app offers the proprietary tools that you can utilize to lead a more meaningful and rewarding life. Our daily actionable items deliver tailor-made opportunities to achieve results, one step at a time.

We are dedicated to helping each and every person find their true potential both in their personal and professional lives. Consequently, we also offer our services to growth-oriented companies that want to invest in their team’s personal development! With Four Streams, business leaders can gain insight into the health of their organization, while simultaneously providing support to their most valuable asset: their people. We help identify how each person on the team is unique and how to strategically combine their strengths to achieve the full potential of the entire company!

Daily Check-Ins

Private and secure daily personal and professional growth check-ins allow for both accountability and habit tracking, to gain awareness of yourself, and how you are growing!

Science-Based Framework

Scientifically validated assessments such as the TTI Success Insights Assessments, and PERMA Quiz allow for personal insights as well as how to work as a team player in a work environment.

Set Goals & Track Progress

Using the ROAD Methodology, tap into your discovery, make goals for yourself based upon the areas of focus you’d like to improve, and track your progress. You can even share your successes with friends, and coaches!

Grow with a Coach

Looking for more ways to grow? Supercharge your potential to grow by connecting with a certified coach to take full charge of accomplishing goals!

Continue to Learn

Continue to learn and grow with amazing resources right at your fingertips! We offer in-app courses focused on developing a healthy growth mindset, as well as a wide selection of resources via our RSS Feed!

Anytime & Anywhere

We are always here for you! Whether you’re traveling, too busy to slow down, or somewhere in between, we are here to help and encourage you. Reach out wherever and whenever you need it most.

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I was skeptical of transformational coaching. I’ve tried coaching before without much success. I have been impressed with offerings of this platform and so I gave it a shot. The coach I was assigned has been awesome. Highly qualified and excellent.
I highly recommend this service to those of you struggling. I have carried this burden for over half my life. It is well worth giving it a try!
It has been great having someone who I can talk with daily that understands my challenges. I like having someone that I trust give me positive encouragement and advice.
I was greatly surprised by how well the coaching sessions are going. I immediately felt I was in a “no judging zone”. The coaching tools provided are wonderful and focus you reaching your goals and moving forward. My coach has been a blessing and a great help in guiding on to the right positive path.
This app makes the impossible possible! Have patience, be respectful, humble, loving and caring and you will be light years ahead of where you are now!

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